Our mission is to create nice, smart, educational and safe toys. We hope you’ll appreciate OECOLO toys as much as we are proud of them.

Carefully developed design


Working on the design of the toys we prefer minimalism aesthetics, simple, concise forms and models which provides our toys with great potential – they stimulate natural play activities, creative thinking, imagination and fantasy, promote emotional and cognitive development.

Proper quality control


While producing our goods we use only the best materials. Every toy is carefully smoothed and polished by hand. Processing is implemented with 100% natural certified German paints and oils.

We appreciate everything natural


We believe wood is the best option for making toys for children as, unlike plastic or rubber, it has incredible power and shares its warmth. Moreover, various textures and wonderful wood aroma has a positive effect on psycho-emotional well-being of a child, encourage touch and brings unprecedented aesthetic experience.


OECOLO supports the idea of environmental responsibility. Every year we grow tree seedlings and plant them.